DuPont Research Associate (m/w) in Bavaria, Germany

Research Associate (m/w) (Job Number: RES00003791)


The main purpose of this position is to provide support for the Maize Research program at Langenbach with emphasis on new product development for CRM 75-85. The position is a part of a team of agricultural research scientists with the goal of developing elite germplasm to create improved inbreds and superior market leading hybrids for Maritime Europe with focus for the Northern European Business Unit.

  1. Organize seed counting and sorting for yield trials and nursery. Take care for correct seed treatment. Prepare seed for winter nursery. Yield trials and nursery: Plant yield trials, official trials and nursery. Do various note takings throughout the season, harvest yield trials, official tests and nursery. Thinning and gap notation in yield trials. Do shelling, counting and all work related to these processes. Transport and operate the harvest machine (chopper, combine), control and maintenance of harvest machine and NIR equipment system; ensure good data quality by harvest. - 30%

  2. Lead and supervise a group of seasonal workers for seed preparation, during seed counting process, thinning/counting yield trial plots, note taking, manage also independently pollination/observation in the nursery and during harvest period. - 20%

  3. Inspects and performs routine maintenance on research equipment used for nursery or yield trials. Maintenance for handhelds & weather loggers and other equipment used for data collection. Conduct storage of research supply. Prepare the equipment for and end of seasons. Deliver the season information on equipment system to equipment contact. Respond to surveys, fill out equipment information logs. Communicate equipment problems, inventions and ideas to equipment contact and managers. Attend training sessions on equipment maintenance and then train center staff. - 20%

  4. Work with the computer and the corresponding software so that seed preparation (printing of bags, labels), planting (creating/loading of EL, experiments, locations), loading of seasonal notes, harvest results (from combine and chopper) and data quality (phenotypic and molecular) is done accordingly. - 20%

  5. Promote and maintain a safe work environment: Check technical equipment for the standard of Pioneer and the Berufsgenossenschaft and take care that the equipment is safe according to the newest standard. If not, communicate with station management about repair and replacement. - 10%

Other Duties:

  1. May be requested to assist in conducting experiments at other Research sites.

  2. May be requested to maintain appropriate inventory of chemicals and/or supplies necessary for the completion of experiments at Langenbach.


  1. Bachelor or FH degree in Agriculture and/or 3 years of experience in field experiments (agronomic) and leading personal in seed industry or related area

  2. Good knowledge of agronomic machinery (planter, combine, chopper) including their maintenance

  3. Experience in data and file management in research projects, excellent computer skills in commonly used software including MS Excel MS Word. Will be able to envision and manage large databases

  4. Good interpersonal communication skills, including especially food knowledge of verbal and written English and German language

  5. Good organizational skills and ability and handle multiple projects and deadlines

  6. Willing of learn new processes and technologies and must be self-motivated and ability to work independently and in team settings

  7. May be required to do physical lifting and work in varying ergonomic environments.

  8. This position requires about 10-15 % domestic travel

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Primary Location: EMEA-Germany-Bavaria-Langenbach

Organization: Pioneer

Schedule: Full-time

Education Level: Technical Diploma (±12 years)

Employee Status: Regular

Job Type: Experienced